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Benefits of Dog and Cat Grooming

Dog Grooming will help maintain not only our dogs physical appearance, but general cleanliness and health. Below you will find a list of some local dog & cat groomers in Barrie and area!

Brushing your pets fur coat will help distribute the natural oils throughout the hair. Brushing will also remove any dead hair, dirt and dandruff helping to maintain a healthy and clean coat. Grooming is also a great opportunity to check for any abnormalities, such as bites, tics, skin irritations and more. Regular grooming gives you an opportunity to can catch any issues early and seek treatment or care before the issue becomes serious. By introducing regular maintenance such as hair brushing, teeth brushing, nail clipping and ear cleaning while your puppy is young will help them to remain calm and relaxed when being groomed. By gently handing your puppies paws and ears will help them be more comfortable when it is time for nail clipping and ear cleaning.

As a local business we like to refer our clients and pet friends to shop locally and support small business! If you have a favourite groomer in the area. please leave us a comment with their information so we can add them to our list!

  • A.K Grooming A.K Grooming is a certified dog and cat groomer located in the north end of Barrie Ontario. Alianna owns and operates the business with 7+ years of grooming experience.
  • Dirty Paws Services Dog grooming located in Innisfil Ontario
  • Fetch Town Dog grooming located in South end of Barrie. Melanie has 20 + years of grooming experience, hand scissoring
    and blow drying techniques.
  • Tangled Tails Dog Grooming House calls serving Barrie and Angus, small dogs under 30lbs.
  • Dogs’n Style by Melissa Frost, grooming located in North Barrie
  • Soapy Dogs Salon certified dog groomer with 15+ years of experience, located in South Barrie. Only serves dog under 60lbs.
  • Wolf & Lion Grooming Mobile grooming and pet spa serving York region and Barrie Area.
  • Thee Place for Paws Cat and Dog Grooming, serves all breeds located in Innisfil Ontario.
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Maggie the white westie dog
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