Five Dog Walking Tips that are Essential

Five of our most essential dog walking tips for you and your dog! There are many helpful tips out there but these five are a good place to start!

Pick the Right collar, Leash or Harness

With so many options, which do you choose? Listed are some of the most common types of each; flat collar, martingale collar, head collar. I personally like the Martingale collar as it safely prevents your dog from slipping out of the collar. I choose this one as it tightens to reduce chance of your dog slipping its head out. Not enough to hurt but to be sure they remain on leash. Head collars such as a halti or gentle leader can be helpful when used correctly to prevent your dog from pulling. these are good for training. Harnesses can also be a great asset. Moreover there are many types of collars and leashes that I have not mentioned here. I encourage you to do your research and pick out what best fits you and your dog.

Train your Dog

Walks are a great time to train your dog. Teaching your dog starts with you! If you do not have time to train your dog look into reputable training facilities in your area. If you have a puppy, newly adopted fur family, or a senior, walking is a great time to bond and grow a connection with your pet. Be sure to gauge the walk for the dogs age. Puppies and senior sometimes prefer shorter more manageable walks. During your dog walking use positive reinforcement techniques to teach your pet new commands. Reward them for good behaviour!

Hire a Professional Dog Walker

Hire a dog walker that is committed to providing quality care to your pet while you are away. This can mean a world of benefits for you and your dog! How can a dog walker benefit your dog? Dog walks will provide your dog with the washroom breaks and exercise they need as result your dog will be happy and healthy. Further more, our team will leave updates regarding your dogs behaviour, health and activities during our visits. Photo and Video updates straight to you!

What to Bring on your Walks

Firstly, be sure your dog has their identification collar on for safety encase they become loose. Secondly, Poop bags! Super easy, just pop a few in your pocket and go for a stroll. Thirdly, retractable or foldable water bottle or dish. Above all its is very important to keep yourself and your dog hydrated in the summer heat! In addition be prepared to walk in all weather, booties for winter walks, or rain coats or jackets if they are a smaller breed. Certainly treats and rewards are great for motivation and positive reinforcement!

Prepare Yourself!

Your almost ready to start walking! Take a minute to prepare yourself for the walk. If the walk is 20 minutes or several hours it always pays to be prepared. Wear the right gear, this includes footwear, jackets, hat, sunglasses and more anything to protect you from the elements, and make your walk more enjoyable. Do some simple stretches to prepare your body for activity, this will reduce any chance for injury. Stay hydrated and bring a snack for those longer walks away from home. Now you and your pooch are ready to get Out N About!

To sum up our five dog walking tips are, pick the right equipment, train your doggy, hire a profession when you need one, bring the right tools, and prepare yourself! There are lots of helpful tips out there, many I have not mentioned. We would love to hear about your own dog walking tips, please leave them in the comment section below!

Dog walking with our pal!

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