How a Dog Walker can benefit your Dog

How can a dog walker benefit your dog you ask. Hiring a dog walker can bring joy to not only your dog but to you. Have you ever been late coming home form work or an event? On your drive you are thinking about the several hours our beloved dog has been home alone. Hiring a professional dog walker can reduce your stress as well as your dogs. Not only does Dog walking provide opportunity for a potty break but it also gives your dog a chance to socialize. Walks are also a great time to work on behavioural training. Above all walking your dog regularly will ensure they get the mental and physical stimulation they desire. Walks will help your dog stay fit and healthy for years to come! As a dog walker, I have seen first hand how walking can improve your dogs life.

A Dog Walker is Good for your Dogs Health

Walking and running regularly help keep your dogs joints and muscles in good physical shape. Moreover walking reduces the risk of developing health conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes and more. Even slow-moving dogs can benefit from a leisurely walk outdoors. Regular walking and exercise will help your dog avoid putting on extra weight. Similar to us, dogs need exercise to stay fit! Out N About Pet Care caters to all dogs from seniors to puppies! Our dog walkers are ready to walk run, jump and play or take our time on a leisurely stroll, allowing for lots of sniffing

The Benefit of Keeping your Dog Active

Exercise will help your dogs stay healthy, confident and happy! For some dogs a 30 minute walk is all it takes to keep them happy and healthy. Though some breeds are a little more active and need a good run once or twice a day to ensure they have enough activity in their lives. However without regular walks dogs sometimes will let this energy out in destructive ways. For example chewing furniture or other items. In short a well-exercised dog is a well-behaved dog.

Walking is a Great Time to Socialize

Walks provide an opportunity for socialization. Having your dog socialize with other people and animals will help ensure your dog is confident. As a result your dog will learn to interact with other animals in acceptable ways. Moreover this reduces their anxiety and reduces a chance for aggression. Dogs will be dogs, a little ruff and tumble play is to be expected, the more they learn their limit and the limit of others the more fun play time and walk will be.

Walking is a Training Opportunity

Walking is the perfect opportunity to teach your dog to ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘heel’. For example engaging your dog in short training sessions your dog will learn how to behave appropriately when on a leash. However training takes time and effort and results do not happen over night but with patience and persistence your dog will be on the right track! Our dog walkers are happy to continue the training you have already done, through positive reinforcements. Our team will bring treats approved by you to help your dog stay focused on our walks!

Walking Provides Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation play a major role in your dogs health. Outside can be a very exciting place to be with lots of new smells, noises and more for your dog to experience. All of these smells engage your dogs natural senses which help them to connect to their surroundings. Dogs can smell up to 10,000-100,000 times better than us humans. Similar to us humans staying up to date with current events and news, a few sniffs around the neighbourhood lets your dog know which dog was here last. Taking your dog for a walk around the block, helps keep them in know with the other dogs in your neighbourhood.

In conclusion, hiring a dog walker can benefit your dog by engaging them socially, reinforce their training and getting them Out N About keeping your dog physically and mentally stimulated through the day . If your doggy needs to get Out N About contact us to discuss your pet care needs. Remember we are here to help, let us know how our dog walkers can benefit your dog! A dog walker can benefit your dog by providing regular bathroom breaks, outdoor exercise and socialization while giving you peace of mind.

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