So we're about half way through my block for Ironman Japan

So we're about half way through my block for Ironman Japan and there is no better way to break up day in and day out of training then a low key Local Event. I arrived up at Byron Bay after lunch on Wednesday as the trip was also a rare opportunity to catch up with long time family friends The Slee Family.

Being up at the race venue that couple of days before the race started wear thin with so much time and so little to do and I'd be lying if I didn't say I was feeling some nerves with this race being the first I've done since August last year with a number of strong athletes.

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The start of the race went pretty much to plan, I think most of the guys ran down to the right of the start line which ended up being the slow route past the break and we we're about out to the first buoy of the M shape swim course before the strongest swimmers in field Clayton Fettell and Joey Lampe came past me. After turning the first buoy I just settled into a group with 3 other athletes and I was content on staying with these guys for the remainder of the swim. We exited the water about 2 1/2mins down on the leaders and I was itching to get on the bike, for some reason though my quads had a feeling extremely lactated.

Jumping on the bike I set out to do what I usually set out to do and that is to gain time on everyone I can, unfortunately this time around my legs weren't feeling all that cooperative and riding to what I believe is the most of my ability was a real struggle. After the early rollers Adam, who was having a strong race, came past and I saw this as an opportunity to get away from the other two guys we got out of the water with. I knew if it came down to a foot race with the current state of my legs I knew it more then likely would have been a losing battle on my part so when Adam cleared out a little bit I made my move to bridge up to him and then I could focus on getting some time back on the leaders. Not long after the half way point we picked up Joey and that's how it stayed for the remainder of the bike and we entered T2 with the second place male in our sites and Clayton still of the front with his lead cut down to 1min 50sec.

Heading out on the run I had a brief moment where I thought I might of tricked my legs into feeling fresher then what they had previously been on the bike leg and I moved into 3rd place on the run but this was short lived as shortly before the end of the first last Adam came past and any freshness I had at the beginning of the run had vanished and I was doing everything I could to survive and to at the very least consolidate my 4th place position. As the run progressed the eventual winner Bryce took the lead during the second lap of the run and on the 3rd Lap Adam past a struggling Clayton for second place and even with a final lap adrenaline burst I feel short of 3rd place by 10 seconds.

Despite the way my legs felt for the majority of the race there we're no real surprises on the day. I swam to my expectations and I felt relatively strong despite the lactated feeling in my legs, the day defiantly served as a good indication of where I'm at in my Preparation for Ironman Japan which is now 5 weeks away.

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