Digital Media Enables Everyone To Be A Content Curator

Digital Media is being pushed all around us via articles, pictures, music and videos. One often gets lost in this Firehouse of Information and needs assistance in sifting through all the data. There are many Apps and Tools out there to assist us in being the best Content Curator.

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Digital Media Available for Content Curators

The Internet allows users to access an abundance of information. No longer do you have to sift through magazines or newspapers to find the content that is fit to your liking. Through search engines we can populate a list of exact information, quickly review it and then bookmark it. What I do, is after I've bookmarked a site, and find myself continuously going back to the website for updated content, I just go ahead and subscribe to their RSS feed. The RSS feed enables me to view their latest and greatest content right when it hits the web, thus saving you from repeatedly checking their site. RSS Feeds now are not only text, but also audio as podcasts. To take it a step further we are seeing the adoption of Video, labeled as Vlogs.

Content providers are pushing information every millisecond and this makes it hard to keep up with the latest and greatest, so tools like Read It Later, Instapaper, and Readability we're invented. These tools allow you to bookmark an article when you may not have time to read it fully or just want to access the content for future reference. I've been a subscriber to Read It Later for a couple years now and the deciding factors for me was the interfacing with my Web Browser Google Chrome, the Bookmarklet and as of last year the Android App. Instapaper has been a round for about the same length of time, but it is more geared toward iOS devices. Readability released their App on iOS and Android last week and has the same features as Instapaper and ReadItLater minus the working bookmarklet on Android and the API is still a little buggy.

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