I have a love-hate relationship with romantic comedies.

I have a love-hate relationship with romantic comedies (which seems kind of meta, since they're usually about love-hate relationships). I can't turn off the practical side of my brain which keeps making sarcastic comments like, "Gee, they're good at flirty banter and have polar opposite values. Obviously they're soul mates!" and "Yes, jumping into bed on the first date is TOTALLY a good idea." And when they're over I usually end up feeling like a cynical prude and regretting I ever watched it. But since I'm a hopeless romantic, whenever I find one I can actually relate to, I watch the heck out of it.

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As someone who doesn't believe in premarital sex (I know I'm in the minority here, and I'm not trying to force my beliefs on anyone else) it's rare that I can find a rom-com that actually looks sort of like my life. It's rare enough to find one that acknowledges that sex can actually have a serious effect on relationships ( When Harry Met Sally is the exception that proves the rule) let alone one where the main characters have consciously decided to not have sex. So when I watched The Mirror Has Two Faces I immediately went gaga over it. To the point where I will actually be using the word "adorkable" in a context that is neither A: Talking about how stupid the word "adorkable" is, or B: Talking about how irritating I think Zooey Deschanel is. This post will also contain a disproportionately high number of the words "cute" and "adorable". In an effort to prove to myself and my readers that repeated swooning has not damaged the rational part of my brain, I will be making a ridiculous amount of mathematical puns throughout the rest of this article (which as you'll see is totally relevant).

The plot concerns two middle-aged professors who teach at Columbia. Greg (who will probably get called Jeff at some point, since that's the actor's name, and Greg is my dad's name, so I have trouble associating it with another person) loses all power of rational thought whenever he's around a woman he finds attractive. He's also totally adorkable in a stereotypical "math professor" sort of way. After his ex seduces him and then ditches him (which is an important scene, because not only does it prove he's straight, it actually shows that he has emotions, which is good, since it makes me not want to punch him in the face as much for the rest of the movie), he decides that romantic love and sex are both worthless and decides that the key to having a successful relationship involves having similar values and interests and never, ever, having sex.

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