How To Suppress Appetite

We tend to equate the appetite like the fuel indicator on the dashboard of our car. The indicator shows that the fuel is running low so we have to stop to fill the gas again.

Before we delve into discussion about the mechanism of 'hunger' which is different from the 'appetite', let's understand briefly about 'hunger' and 'appetite'.'Hungry' is a biological stimulus to make sure we eat sufficiently, while the researchers say the appetite is more biased towards the choices we make based on our desire and we have control over this desire.

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Appetite is a complex collection of chemical reactions in the body which can be affected by by our habits, social behavior and psychological conditions that are well known to be hard to control.

But that does not mean it's impossible to resist, especially after the scientists and therapists specifically examine the strength of appetite and how to reduce them.

Here are some tips on how to suppress appetite:

Ask Yourself Why?

For most people, food is not the reason for the increase in body weight but more towards the chewing and savoring of the meal. The experts emphasize this type of eating behavior is not related to hunger. It can applies to the external factors like boredom or under stressed or daily routine. The solution to this is simple: ask yourself honestly, why you put the food into your mouth. If hunger is not the main reason, stop it immediately.

Find Alternative Ways

If stuffing a lot of food is due to boredom, stress and routine then, ask yourself an alternative solution when feeling bored, stressed or normal routine? The answer can be as easy as: walking in the park, listen to music, call your friends, read your favorite magazine, etc. Anything that gives you pleasure and relaxation. If you are able to create a new routine to face this daily practice, but without involving food, then this will be the best way to reduce the extra consumption of food.

Switch On The Light

When you go into the kitchen at night, turn on the lights there. Irvine, a researcher from the "University of California" said that you will feel in the spotlight when more light is illuminated. The feeling under the spotlight create additional awareness thus any unnecessary arbitrary actions will be avoided. This include eating lavishly, sucking or licking your favorite ice cream, etc.

Light Up The Candle

Next time when you want to eat, lit up an aromatic candle. Research shows a certain scent can help to restrain appetite. The aroma flavors suitable for this purpose are the apple, peppermint and banana scent.

Press The Appetite Point

You will not find this advice in the national library of medicine or any other sources, but when you feel helpless in curbing your appetite, try pinching a small area of cartilage, a place where your jaw attached just below the ear, which some acupuncture experts reckoned as the point of appetite control. Do this for about 30 seconds. Use both thumb fingers and press both sides of the joints.

Eat Filling Food

To eat fewer meals, choose foods that have a high satiety level, which means more filling than other normal food. Strangely, even though fat can makes you full, they do not have a glut of high value in the scale because we tend to eat even more because it is more tasty. Some foods are more filling, namely; popcorn, peanut butter, potatoes, pasta, chocolate, cooked green beans, grapes and oranges. High fibre foods are also very filling like organic food, brown rice, oats, cereals and many more.

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