Bioshock Infinite (2013) Review

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Elizabeth: Booker, are you afraid of God?

Booker Dewitt: No But I'm afraid of you.

The chilling opening dialog serves as entrance to the next entry in one of the most critically acclaimed, unique, deep and downright insane yet meaningful shooters of all time. Bringing us to the underwater world of Rapture in the first game, Creative Director Ken Levine now gives us ascension to the skies in the early 1900s to a flying city in the clouds, hidden to the rest of the world and hiding many dark secrets. Welcome to Columbia.

Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt. As former Pinkerton Agent, Booker Dewitt you've been given this one mission to infiltrate the sky nation and rescue a girl named Elizabeth locked up in a high tower and bring her down to earth. The city of Columbia is bright, beautiful and bustling with life. At first glance it appears as heaven would, floating on clouds, sunlight shining down, even with citizens worshiping the founder of the city Zachary Comstock as a self-proclaimed Prophet bounding his nation in his strong religious views. Comstock has drowned the city in old American racism, sexism and beliefs of the time and propaganda and slave labor sets the city as a crucible of a revolution to rebel.

Branding you as the False Shepard you must liberate Elizabeth from the clutches of the Prophet and find a way out of the city with the his hordes of followers trying to stop you and reclaim her. Constrained in the tower all her life, Elizabeth is cheerful, smart and a strong girl with the abilities to open tears: doorways to alternate realities. Though Mr. Dewitt has a great character arc, Elizabeth may as well be the main character moving the plot forward. Journeying through impossible odds through a wondrous city that slowly goes to he'll only strengthens your bond with your companion as you help each other. Shell help you on your quest but more importantly feels like a real fleshed-out person, as she interacts with the environment and other people that she's never been able to do before and starts many memorable conversations with you. As Booker develops the bond with Elizabeth so will you, and you'll stop playing the game to win and play for her freedom and well-being.

Bioshock Infinite is not your typical shooter as it grants use of powers in the form of Vigors. Murder of Crows for example unleashes a swarm of vicious birds on your enemies as a savage form of crowd control, whilst the Bucking Bronco leave your opponents suspended in the air helpless. In combination with many other Vigors and weapons, it allows you to control the battlefield and develop different strategies, which you'll need as you face many different enemy types. If this combat wasnt adrenaline pumping enough you'll also have access to the skyline, a railway system that streams around Columbia and allows you to soar on it at roller-coaster speeds. The skyline can grant escape from bullets, entry to more tactical positions or ability to rain down he'll on your enemies with your weapons as an aerial assassin. Elizabeth, being the driving force of the narrative will also be your savior in combat as she can open tears that create cover, turrets or guns, and she'll throw you ammunition, and health kits when your running low and revive you when you die. Seeing Elizabeths face striving to bring you back to life is enough to reassure her importance to you to continue the fight.

The beautiful city of Columbia has so much detail you can get lost in it, exploring it's architecture and admiring it's art whilst feeling distraught in contrast with the amount of violence and corpses it leaves as you venture further into it's hidden insanity is a wonderful and intense experience. The bond you form with Elizabeth is one rarely seen in games to a non-playable-character, as the game is in first-person-view observing her actions makes her the star and another lovely addition to the short list of genuine, strong female characters in games. If you're not into shooters then play this game anyway (on easy difficulty or with someone who can shoot) as the story and characters is enough reason to experience this nirvana of a narrative. Bioshock Infinite leaves all other shooters in the dank depths of mediocrity and rises above them all to deliver you the experience you deserve and leaves you with ending that pierces into your heart and soul only to draw you back into a desire to visit the skies once more.

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