Day 10: Island Princess Docks in Guatemala

I had gone back to the cabin only to discover that my internet was extremely responsive. For the past several days, I had not been able to upload photos. Its not that the satellite connection is terrible, it's just that there is not enough bandwidth for all the numbers of people that are trying to use it at once. I had the same problem when I was in Baghdad blogging Iraq. However, since there are very few people left on the ship, I decided to catch up on email, and I updated some of these blog posts with photos. In fact, the great connection is why this post is going online early. Why not, right?

I did eventually meet up with one of the ships photographers off the ship and discussed the ins and outs of working for CNN. Shes very excited about moving to the Atlanta area, and she hopes to eventually work for CNN en Espaol. She bought me a Guatemalan Coke, and I gladly accepted. Theyre not as good as the ones in Saudi Arabia, just in case you we're curious.

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Later tonight, Adrian Zmed will be on board performing his live show. You may know him from T.J. Hooker and a few other things. Its only one performance, so getting a seat may be difficult.

Well be leaving the port here in Puerto Quetzal in about five hours. Until then, I'm going to take a shower. My body is not designed for this kind of heat roughly 100 degrees and a a high humidity. If it's like this on the last day of September, I can only imagine how bad it is during the summer.

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