How to travel cheap in Vietnam

Vietnam is an attractive destination for travelers who do not have a big budget . There are also a lot of young travelers backpack that roam the country.With a little searching , a trip to Vietnam can be very cheap. You can find tickets to 600 USD, correct hotels at USD 10 or eat only for 2 USD. I give you my tips in this article to travel cheap in Vietnam.

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Find a cheap flight to Vietnam

The first important point which is to save the ticket . After having tested several price comparison and tried many combinations I found that the price of the ticket varies greatly. Depending on the time , companies and different factors rather obscure the price of a ticket varies .According to my own conclusions Qatar Airways is very interesting when it is done in advance. The Russian airline Aeroflot has good prices also for last-minute flights .For the period should be avoided Tet period which coincides with the Chinese New and July / August .

Find a cheap hotel in Vietnam

It is quite possible to find a comfortable hotel for 10 a night across Vietnam. Why do not hesitate to ask to see the room and then to negotiate the price. There are currently too many hotels in Vietnam in relation to demand and many are empty except high season .One trick is to identify a hotel on the guide book and go to the hotel next door . In Vietnam there are often several hotels next to each other. They offer just the same standing ready but those in the tourist guide are more expensive.After you have to ask to see the room and without sounding too enthusiastic that you will see the hotel next to compare . At this moment , there is high chance that the concierge offered a promotion

Buy cheap Vietnam Visa

Instead of going to Vietnamese Embassy and pay very expensive your vietnam visa , you can go though some visa website to get the VOA, approval letter for vietnam visa on arrival .

Eat cheaply in Vietnam

Street food is excellent in Vietnam. It is also very cheap. To eat well cheaply you must go to the street restaurants .An important tip is to look if there is a lot of Vietnamese in the restaurant. People generally eat early, around 11:00 to 12:00 for lunch and from 17h - 18h for dinner.The tourist restaurants , air conditioned, are necessarily more expensive.

Transportation cost in Vietnam

Buses and trains are very good prices. You can travel at night with buses. This is a good option because these means of locomotion are very slow with 40 km / hour on average.Bus tickets can be bought at the bus station and train tickets at stations. You can also buy travel agency or the hotel but then have to pay commission to the intermediary.

To visit the site a bit far there are often group tours the day with big buses. These trips often appear unbeatable around EUR 10 day price.You can easily buy trips in travel agencies . Hotels can also book a place in the trip but they take a commission.

By following these tips you can travel cheaply in Vietnam. Having said this method is quite uncomfortable travelers broke and does not have access to authentic Vietnam. By spending a little more money you will have access to the benefits of high standings .

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