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Steven Soderbergh's recent thriller, Side Effects, takes a lot of the talent from Contagion and uses it effectively to create another excellent film. The trailers and clever marketing plan had me fooled that Soderbergh was being typed cast as a medically themed director. In the same way that Ian McKellen does wizard films, Soderbergh now does medical disaster films. This however is not the case. Side Effects has a lot in common with Contagion but they are completely different films.

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It is interesting however to compare the two. Both films are extremely well researched. Writer Scott Z. Burns leaves no holes in the scripts and the editing is similarly superb. The pace of the films, aided by Christopher Nolan-esque scores, keeps you on the edge of your seat and creates an air of obsession and anxiety. This infatuation with the minute details can often make us miss what's in front of us.

Both films share a distaste for their protagonists, as they often crumble to selfishness and/or poor moral decisions. In a rigged capitalist system, those with money and the right contacts will survive, while the people at the bottom will suffer. Both films fit into the post-economic collapse film discussion that we have been seeing a lot of recently. I'm a big fan of this suit-bashing mentality so Side Effects gets a big thumbs up from me.

Side Effects is a modern, stylish and nail-biting thriller that will keep you guessing until the bitter end. Check out the trailer.

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