When accessing social media sites outside of work

When accessing social media sites outside of work, personnel will ensure that they do not represent nor communicate the company and or the personnel in a negative way. All comments must be made with the disclaimer that you are writing on your personal behalf and not of the company.

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I felt this particular guiding principle had to be strict because as a company we are just starting to develop/use social media as a marketing tool. I did not want everyone to have access to these accounts for this reason. Until we know how successful the campaign is and how much work it will be to maintain these sites. I saw no reason for the other employees to access any social media except for Outlook e-mail accounts during work hours.

Own Your Content

If you are a designated to use the social media accounts during your employment as a representative of Quinte Mighty Movers, you are responsible for the content you post/submit. Own your content, and be aware that, what you post is on the World Wide Web forever.

Employees are reminded that it is their responsibility to make sure that their online activities do not interfere with their ability to fulfill their job requirements and that they are committed to their managers, supervisors, co-workers and customers alike.

This guideline is written so that employees are made aware of their responsibilities both at work and at home. That they are going to be held accountable for their social media interaction both at work and at home.


Unless otherwise directed by senior management, employees are not to discuss any confidential or classified material. Subject material is to be kept private and should not be shared openly with other employees, nor with competitors and/or customers alike.

This guideline is self-explanatory. There is to be no disclosure of confidential or classified material. It is on a need to know basis.


All correspondence will be written and conveyed with transparency and full disclosure in mind. Correspondence are to be factual, concise and without ambiguity. Comments and correspondence must be written in a way that cannot be interpreted as being offensive, inflammatory, demeaning, etc.

This guideline is written so that employees double-check their correspondences for tone and clarity. Input from their supervisor is highly recommended, when unsure of the message being conveyed.


While it is important to the company to welcome comments and feedback from the social media sites, it is the intention of the company to keep a positive reputation throughout the community. It is everyones responsibility to keep a vigilant eye open for spam, and offensive comments/material reporting infraction quickly and decisively.

This guideline is a matter of due diligence on everyones part. All personnel play a part in keeping a good reputation for the company throughout the community. They are also asked to be vigilant to malware which can cause damage to the companys social media sites and main frame.

Any employee found to be in conflict with these guiding principles are subject to disciplinary action.

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