Dog Behaviour Basics: Learning to Recognize

Dog behaviour basics and learning how to recognize your dogs needs and communicate. First, every dog has their own unique personality. Second, all dogs have shared behaviours. Some behaviour is instinctual and other behaviour can be learned. In this article we will look at behaviours that are instinctual.

Nature of Barking Behaviour

All Bark and no bite! All dogs vocalize through Barking, Baying or Howling. In the same way a baby would cry or coo, a dog barking is a form of communication and is normal behaviour. Why is my dog barking? There are many reasons and things a dog could be communicating with their bark. A Bark can be a greeting and playful or can express alarm or fear. Barking can also convey protectiveness, attention seeking, or could also be compulsive behaviour or separation anxiety. If your dog is constantly barking and it has become bothersome and out of control it may be time to seek out professional help.

Dog Drooling Behaviours

There are many reasons a dog may drool. First a contributor is the dogs breed. Breeds such as Blood Hound, Saint Bernard or Mastiff, are known for drooling. This is because they’re lips cannot retain the amount of saliva they produce. If your dog drools excessively it could also be related to a medical or behavioural issue. I encourage you to do some research into the issue and consult a veterinarian if the issue persists.

Basics of Panting

Panting is a normal behaviour for dogs. A dog will pant to cool off, this is their primary way of cooling down. Panting allows dogs to exhale heat from their mouths and inhale cool air. Dogs also pant when playing or when they are excited or stressed , in pain or discomfort or if there is a physical issue. If panting becomes excessive this could be a larger issue, that needs immediate attention! Learn more about dog panting and what your dog is communicating.

Stop that Chewing

The most common reasons dogs chew are for entertainment, enjoyment, stress and boredom. Similar to babies teething, puppies will chew to ease their pain and help their teeth to break through their gums. If your dog is full grown, and is chewing on unacceptable items as chew toys it is time to take action! First of all if your dog has chewed the furniture and you were unable to correct the behaviour, it is too late. Scolding them will not be helpful, training will take persistence and patience. Find some helpful tips in this article.

Leaning on People

Does your dog Lean on you? Leaning can be a sign of adoration, stress or separation anxiety. If your dog is leaning on you here and there in adoration it simply means your dog loves you and they want to be close to you. There are other behaviours you will see if your dog is stressed or anxious. If you see these behaviours I encourage you to do more learning into those signs.

Butt Scooting

We have all seen those funny dog videos scooting their butts across the ground. The next time you see your dog do this you’ll know why! Dogs scoot along the carpet to remove ‘debris’ that could be stuck on their bottom. Otherwise all dogs have something called ‘anal glands’. These usually are released naturally while dogs evacuate their bowls. But sometimes they will not release, and will need a human to help express the gland.

This is a short list of common dog behaviours. There are many behaviours we have not covered in this article, to list a few; Digging, Sniffing, Humping, Licking, Eating poop, Chasing tails and Tilting their heads. Hence we will cover these in the future, stay tuned! There are many positive behaviour traits listed, but sometimes in excess they can be destructive. If your dog is displaying destructive behaviours add more exercise to their lives. If your dog needs to get Out N About during the day while you are busy living life, contact us! Our helpful team will be sure they get the exercise they need! To Sum up, dogs are our friends, and we may not alway understand what their behaviour is saying. As a dog owner take some time and do a little light reading so you and your Furry family can strengthen your bond!

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