Out N About Pet Care, serving Barrie and Area, since 2017. Pet care companions you and your furry family can trust and rely on. As local dog walkers and boarders, we have built lasting relationships with animals and their families. It is our responsibility and joy to maintain high standards of care and professionalism at all times. As a team, we focus our skills and work in a professional and supportive manner to create the best possible experience for the animals in our care. From dog walking, boarding, cat visits, playtime, and more. Out N About is here for you, professional pet friends. It’s out duty tak’n care of business.


Sherry O

Founder of Out N About Pet Care Provider. Sherry has been dedicated to providing exceptional care for many pets in the community, during her 7 years in the industry. She enjoys the outdoors and the company of her cat Moo and is a local artist.

James L

James is an aspiring musician in local band ‘The Noolands’. He has spent many years working as a music teacher. James enjoys spending time in the outdoors and the company of his dog Phoenix.

Joanne O

Grandmother to two sweet children and fur baby Oswald the Dog. Joanne enjoys gardening, singing along to her favourite songs, and playing the guitar.