We always reward good behaviour.


Benefits of Hiring a Dog Walker, maintain your dog’s activity, social life, health, and wellness. Stop-in visits, dog walking, and group walks available for large, medium, and small breed dogs. Stop-in visits are usually 30 minutes in duration and cater to your pet’s specific needs. Playtime in your yard or inside, a washroom break, feeding, or medication administration, our team is here to help!

Dog walks take place in your neighbourhood, we are happy to follow your regular route or explore the area with your pet! Group walks and social are spent on trails our team is familiar with. Dogs must be well behaved and friendly to qualify for group walks. As pet care providers we are consistently rewarding our pet friends for good behaviour. If you have specific commands for your dog, let us know and we will use those to communicate. We are happy to accommodate your specific pet care needs, just let us know!

* monthly rates are negotiable
* Group walks available please inquire

30 min Dog Walk:
Short walk for any dog, senior dogs and puppies. Great way to socialize and keep your furry family fit, while getting in a washroom break. We are happy to refresh their water and reward our pet friend with a treat.

45 min Dog Walk:
For those dogs that need a little extra but can’t do the whole hour.

60 min Dog Walk:
Great for high energy dogs, or dogs who want to spend more time sniffing.

30 min Stop-in Visit:
Tailored to your pet’s needs.
• Water refreshment
• Feeding
• Medicine administration
• Washroom break
• Brushing, petting, and playtime.


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Complimentary Meet and Greet

One of our pet care providers come to your home to introduce themselves to you and your pet to ensure your comfort and security. All pet care providers are bonded and insured.

Client and Pet care information forms will be provided for you filled out before your initial pet care service. Meetings are usually 15-20 minutes in duration.

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