We always reward good behaviour.


Benefits of Hiring a Dog Walker, maintain your dog’s activity, social life, health, and wellness. Stop-in visits, dog walking, and group walks available for large, medium, and small breed dogs. Stop-in visits are usually 30 minutes in duration and cater to your pet’s specific needs. Playtime in your yard or inside, a washroom break, feeding, or medication administration, our team is here to help!

Dog walks take place in your neighbourhood, we are happy to follow your regular route or explore the area with your pet! Group walks and social are spent on trails our team is familiar with. Dogs must be well behaved and friendly to qualify for group walks. As pet care providers we are consistently rewarding our pet friends for good behaviour. If you have specific commands for your dog, let us know and we will use those to communicate. We are happy to accommodate your specific pet care needs, just let us know!

$10+ additional fee for Weekends and Evening
$15+ additional fee Statutory and Non-Statutory Holidays
$5+ Out of Area MAY be applied on a client by client basis for those located outside of our service area – this is determined during the new client meeting

*Start of Service notifications
*GPS tracking and time tracking
*Photo updates and detail Report Cards

20 minute stop-in visit – $22.50
Feeding & playtime in your yard. Great for puppies learning to potty train, or for the senior dog that just needs a little fresh air! Let us know what your pet needs.

30 minute dog walk – $27.50
A walk in your neighbourhood, a chance for your fur family to check the doggy mail, take in the fresh air and get in a washroom break.

30 minute stop-in visit – $27.50
Stop in visit for the busy household! Great for homes with multiple dogs or puppies! Playtime in your yard, or a quick washroom break. If you need your fur family fed for lunch or dinner let us know, we will refresh their water and make sure they are happy as a hound!

45 minute dog walk: $37.50
Great for active dogs that would enjoy going to the neighbourhood park on a 15ft/30ft long-line to play fetch or would enjoy a longer walk in the area to sniff out the doggy mail.

60 minute dog walk: $42.50
Great for high energy dogs that would like to do some running, play or spend more time sniffing.

Adventure Group walks ( 60 minutes +) – $42.50
All dogs are screened to see if they are suitable for group walks. Dogs are matched to a pack that best fits their play and personality!


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